A beautiful Friday morning to everyone out there!


Western Montana is in extreme fire danger right now and we are surrounded by fires…hence the spectacular red sunrise my tablet didn’t quite capture fully. We have ash covering the property and the strong odor of burnt pines burns your nose and throat.


Today I will discuss our well and our lack of water. We might need a new well drilled and I’m sure that’s not a cheap project at all! It was $10,000 and 350 feet later to drill in central AZ when we lived there, which I hope isn’t the case here. I have a call in to a friend to get an estimate.

This is our set up now. Pump pulls water into blue tanks and then fills the auxiliary tank but at this point in the dry, dry season we’ve had, Brandon my husband,  thinks the water table is too low or our well is dry but the pump isn’t pulling any water and all household use comes from the auxiliary tank, which we keep supplied with creek water.



The creek pump doesn’t pump too fast, so to fill the 1300 gallon auxiliary tank, it takes days and diligence. And 8 hoses up hill!


This is the journey to the creek, across the road.



I would ultimately like to collect rain water and also get a good point of source filtration system installed but at this time, we buy bottled water, which has gotten pricey and inconvenient with stores over 40 miles away. I will call the culligan man today lol.

I hope to get the water situation under control before winter sets in. It also looks like Brandon will be called to operate equipment on one of the fire lines.  He goes today to check it out and see if he’ll stay. It will be his first fire and I’m a little nervous.  I hope everyone stays safe and this fire season is over soon!

I will say goodbye for now. I hope your week went well and the weekend holds adventure!



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