We’ve been on fire watch


Wildfires have been exploding all over the Western states and for once, my home state of AZ doesn’t have much fire action this year, thankfully! Unfortunately,  that isn’t the case here in Western Montana!  Fire starts were frequent with the passing thunderstorms and lighting struck a little too close to home. The WestFork Fish Creek fire started Wednesday or Thursday but really exploded Friday and Saturday.  When some of your friends have already been evacuated and then the sheriff shows up at our house. We got things ready for a possible immediate evacuation…we anticipated the rolling siren to engulf our peaceful pines. It never came. Sunday gave way to cooler temperatures and glorious rain! I may have hollered a bit. It was exactly what our dry play lands needed. Many, many folks were very thank



The kids started school last week and I am still unpacking…I generally don’t get in a hurry for much. My knee is also still healing after surgery.  If I did have it my way, I would’ve already had a few horses, goats and chickens.  But I do need to wait until Spring for animals,  though it pains me. I am very much an animal lover! I’ve had dogs, cats, gerbils,  chickens, goats, horses, guinea fowl, and some odds and ends in there. Horses really are my passion. The last two horses I had were supposedly stolen in OK where they were wintering with family. I didn’t find out for over six months. It was a terribly traumatizing thing for me. I haven’t been able to be arou d horses since. I hope one comes my way again soon! Mine were all rescues.  Choncho was my first horse. I will post his stosoon


This is my peace tree with the beautiful blue skies as the backdrop. Enjoy your week!


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