I’m back…with a rescue!


This is Chong and the newest addition to the farm and why I rescue. I will never ignore my inner voice again.

I watched 3 goats as I went into town every day over the winter, just in the backyard of a home. Shelter made of two pallets and no hay. Snow covered the ground most of the winter but it wasn’t bitter cold like last year.  Then 3 goats became 2 and then just one. One was given away but didn’t make it, the other starved, along with one of 2 pigs still there.

I waited too long and I feel horrible that I couldn’t save them all.

I could feel every bone in Chong’s body. I was absolutely shocked and horrified. I’ve never felt or seen anything like it. It took months and months of neglect to get to this point. Blows my mind!

He has fresh hay and water. A warm bed that I have to put him in every night because… now that he has food and water in his belly, he cannot support his own weight. I have to pick him up several times a day so he can strengthen his legs and pee. And he is so sad…a goat. Normally happy and boisterous. Breaks my heart and makes me made at the same time.

There is never, ever a reason to neglect any animal! I struggled with whether I wanted to write this since it is local but I’m over it! Don’t neglect animals and if you turn your head from neglect or abuse, you’re as much to blame!

I will update his progress. I also got my first milk goat, due in July. Chicks are next!


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